Experiencing violence in close relationships?

Violence can be:

  • Physically
  • Mentally
  • Sexually
  • Materially
  • Economically
  • Neglect
  • And in other forms

Here are numbers you can call for support and help:

Crisis Center for Women: 031-3679380

Crisis Center for Women offers you and your children sheltered housing and supportive counseling

Crisis Center for Men: 031-3679380

Crisis Center for Men offers counseling, individually and in groups

Kvinnofridslinjen: 020-505050

Kvinnofridslinjen is a telephone helpline for women subjected to violence. They listen, provide support and advice. The phone is open 24 hours a day.

Kvinnojouren ADA Tel: 031-131166

Kvinno- och tjejjouren Ada is located in Gothenburg and work to provide support and protection to women, girls and children that are subjected to violence. They also run a sheltered housing facility.

Lexfemme kvinnojour, speak several languanges: 020-220050

Lex Femme has a telephone helpline you can call for advice and support and legal assistance. Lex Femme helps women of foreign origin and offers help in your native language.

You can also receive support via chat at: https://www.lexfemme.com/

Brottsofferjouren: 0200212019

Brottsofferjouren provides support to all victims of crimes. You do not need to report the crime to receieve support.

Socialjouren: 031-3658700

Socialjouren can provide emergency help on evenings, nights and weekends.

Polisen: 114 114

Call 114 14 if you want to report a crime to the police. Call 112 to alert the police in case of emergency.

SOS Alarm: 112

In the event of an emergency, call SOS Alarm 112.